Adopt-a-Market Approach To Social Media

So, today in my photojournalism class we got a longterm assignment of adopting a neighborhood in Rochester, NY. The idea is to get to know the neighborhood, people, and everything there is.

No, it's not about reading online or visiting it once. The point is to visit it few times a week to see different things, meet different people. This way you're always in the know, you know what's going on to find great ideas for stories.

Isn't this what social media and networking are all about?

Why not narrow your market down to a niche market? Become a specialist in your niche market. Narrowing down your market to a specific audience, whatever the criteria you use to pick it, increases your knowledge and expertise. Specialists get paid more for that extra knowledge. Why don't social media professionals do it?

Do you really think you can approach different markets and audiences with the same social media strategy? If you do, you shouldn't call yourself a professional. You're just another Facebook and Twitter user. Period.

Adopt a market. Learn everything there is about it. Are there any people that stand out, what are some popular blogs, forums, podcasts, and anything else you can find. Get to know the people, read those blogs, contribute on forums, and be an authentic member of this community.

But you said adopt a market, why are you talking about community? You might be thinking that. Well, market is not a bowl of salad. It's much more than that. Everything is connected, people talk. It's a two way street where all parties involved don't just benefit but they give back to the community. It becomes a homogeneous substance.

Narrow your expertise down to a niche market. Adopt it. Become a well known contributor in the community, you shall be rewarded greatly by the community.

Have you adopted any markets yet? Share your stories, please.

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