Author: Viktor Nagornyy

For the past 14 years, Viktor has worked with businesses of all sizes, helping them generate more leads and sales through an effective inbound marketing strategy and conversion-optimized websites while increasing marketing efficiency with marketing automation tools and tactics. Follow on Mastodon:

How to Build a WordPress Sales Funnel To Increase Sales

As e-commerce business owners, we always strive to find ways to increase our sales. We spend a lot of time and money trying to bring visitors to the website to buy our products and services, yet 69.8% of visitors abandon shopping carts. That’s two-thirds of your visitors gone, two-thirds of the budget wasted, and two-thirds […]

You Need to Know Your Value Proposition to Get Ideal Customers

It’s really simple. If you don’t know yourself – your business – you won’t get customers you truly want. Not all customers are created equal. Ideal customers are your golden goose, while bad customers are a parasite. All – and I mean all – small businesses (and sometimes even larger organizations) I talk to and […]

Reframing Content: 10X Your Lead Magnet’s Effectiveness

One of my consulting clients is working on an ebook to attract more qualified leads for the new platform they’re launching. The ebook will educate and provide advice on specific business activities. It’s already shaping up to be an effective lead magnet. Last week on our coaching call I introduced my client to a technique […]

Don’t Interrupt, Join the Conversation in Your Customer’s Mind

Your marketing is wasteful. I’m 99% sure. The majority of businesses engage in busywork, a charade that we use to make ourselves feel good about it. We do things that clearly don’t drive any results, why? Because we ought to do something, right? Direct mail campaigns with zero return on investment, and we keep going […]

What Marketing Do Your Customers Deserve?

Over the years, I’ve done a ton of consulting work. Advising and working with businesses of all sizes across all industries. Even today, I continue to do free strategy sessions every week with business owners. Giving them more clarity and helpful advice to improve marketing. Everyone understands the importance of marketing. It fills your pipeline, […]

75% of Businesses Do Not Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy

It did not surprise me when I saw the final results of our poll. We ran a Hotjar poll on our website for the past few weeks, asking a simple question “Do you have an inbound marketing strategy you’re following right now?” Thanks to all 172 respondents, we have our answer – 75% don’t. That […]