Go Back To The Beginning

Road to Carpathians
Road to Carpathians

If you are at a dead end, be it life or business, the best way to overcome it is by going back to the beginning. From there you'll know what happened, what went wrong that brought you to the dead end. It's almost like going back in time, without actually defying laws of physics. Also, it puts things into perspective: are you following your original goals?

This is especially true for reassessing your life. Today, I visited a small village in western Ukraine where my grandmother, father, and my aunt were born. I have never visited it before in my life; it was an interesting experience seeing the old house where they were born. It helps you put things into perspective when you go back to the beginning, even before your own time. Following family roots to find out more about your family and where they came from will help you deal with your own issues.

Few days prior visiting my father's birth place, I've visited another small village. This is where my other grandfather, mother's side, was born. Unfortunately, the old house is no longer standing. There was nothing, just some bushes and tall grass growing. But, the apple trees that my grandfather planted were still standing, growing tall. Apples were delicious, not yet sweet but the sour taste reminded me of life.

While we were visiting my father's village light rain passed by with some yelling thunder. I got lucky on the way back when I noticed sun rays piercing through dark skies. Carpathians are very beautiful. I hope you'll enjoy the photograph. I've included dirt road as an invitation for you to come to Ukraine and enjoy the beauty for yourself.