Breaking News No Longer Breaking

So,  apparently  Facebook went down as it rolled out new page designs. It's a website, nothing more and nothing less. How is this a breaking news?

Did someone die? No.

Did someone get hurt? No.

Hmm maybe the breaking news is not the downtime of Facebook but productivity level going up during this time.

I'm really getting tired of seeing breaking news that shouldn't even be labeled as news. It gets old trying to keep my mouth open wide enough for news media to shove their "breaking" news down my throat.

This reminds me of  The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but in the end people will stop watching news instead of getting eaten by the wolf.

News media, stop labeling everything breaking news. Unless it's time sensitive and people need to know it NOW as it is imperative to their well being... DON'T CALL IT BREAKING NEWS.

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