Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

UPDATE: Viktorix is now Eventstant, helping you learn how to plan and manage memorable events.

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After months of work, I’ve finally released my new project to the public last week. Viktorix is an online guide to professional event planning. The idea is to leverage the experience and knowledge of event professionals to help other event professionals plan and execute their events successfully. I strongly believe that events should never fail.

As I was getting into event planning a few years ago to help a non-profit organization plan their annual convention, I’ve found a lack of resources specifically targeting event planning. There were few good resources, but they lacked depth and they were tied to a print publication.

So, I had a niche and I had a problem. The solution hit me this past summer while I was visiting family in Ukraine. It hit me so hard that the last 2 weeks of my vacation I began researching things and working on a website. The fire was there, I was doing great.

It didn’t last. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but I think I got scared of the responsibility; maybe even of success. After spending few weeks of my time working on it and at least $500 of investment in various things I stopped. I thought it was dead.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, something hit me again. I began contemplating the plausibility of getting it off the ground, again. I needed an editor to ensure articles would be edited to maintain a high degree of quality. Plus, I needed writers. I didn’t know if any event professionals would be interested in writing about it for free. The only thing I could offer them, in the beginning, is exposure/PR and an ability to build a professional writing portfolio.

The solution to my first problem was pretty easy to get. It was as easy as sending an email to my friend Tom Melchiorre, who’s been working in publishing as an editor for many years now. He was happy to come on board as an executive editor (editor-in-chief). It was exciting, I was a step closer. However, now the big question was: will anyone write?

I was pleasantly surprised after posting in a forum on Several event planners were interested in writing. I had what I needed to get thing project started. It’s true what they say, you won’t know until you ask.

Luckily, I was connected with a great WordPress developer through We have a great relationship going and I plan on using his services to maintain and upgrade the website. I highly recommend him, feel free to contact me for a referral.

All in all, I’m really happy and excited about this venture. Fears are always present, we just need to learn how to manage them. A small dose of fear is a good reality check, but don’t overdose on it. If you have a fear, research alternatives, and solutions. Ask others for advice and suggestions. Most people are eager to help others.

Don’t stop, you’ll be extremely happy once you reach your dreams and goals.


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Viktor Nagornyy

Viktor Nagornyy

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