Dying for Treatment

I was checking out various projects on Pulitzer Center's website and stumbled upon a great slideshow by Marco Vernaschi. The title of the slideshow is "Dying for Treatment", which documents struggle of pregnant women in Guinea Bissau (didn't know about the country until now) to survive child birth. It's astonishing to find out that Bissau, the capital, has only one working surgery room. I can't even imagine how hard it is to receive treatment at the hospital. We take it for granted in the western world, but it is something that we need to cherish dearly. Sure it gets expensive, but even those without insurance can get some sort of assistance from the government or get treatment from free community clinics.

It's heart breaking to find out that 600, 000 women die every year in Guinea Bissau due to pregnancy or child birth.

One in eight women die giving birth and babies often don't survive the first two days of their lives.

I highly recommend you check out the slideshow. It's graphic, not for everyone. Dying for Treatment slideshow.

It is definitely on my list to visit and help bring attention to the region, so people have a better chance at getting treatment. It hurts knowing that so many women and children die because of poor hygiene practices at the hospital, lack of medical training, and other issues. Child birth should be a happy moment for the family, when everyone radiates happiness, not a day of mourning.