An Entrepreneur Is…

An  entrepreneur is someone who (in no particular order)...

  • does things because he is passionate about them, not because someone asks/expects him to do it
  • risks everything to follow his dreams
  • never stops learning
  • sees value in failure
  • uses failures as building blocks of success
  • builds friendships, not contacts.
  • goes from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm (Winston Churchill coined that phrase)
  • helps others without asking for anything in return
  • values people more than he values his assets
  • has a pen and paper on his night stand to write down ideas in the middle of the night or a phone with an app to do that
  • carries pen and paper (or phone with an app) to write down thoughts and ideas
  • actually looks back on his notes and evaluates ideas/thoughts and acts on them
  • realizes his fear of failure, yet doesn't stop because of it
  • is humble, arrogance breeds nothing but resentment from others
  • does things, not just talk about them all day
  • doesn't dismiss any ideas as failures without testing them and getting feedback from others
  • takes cliche and turns it into the new trend
  • is not a copycat but an innovator
  • smiles in the face of adversity, positivity breeds positivity
  • treats obstacles and challenges as gas stops on his way to success
  • follows someone on Twitter because he wants to, not because he wants them to follow him back

Just some thoughts. What is your list? Tweet me.

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