Free Kodak building photos for bloggers and publishers

Kodak HQ Building
Kodak filed for bankruptcy on January 19, 2012.

Everyone has heard the news. Kodak is bankrupt. It's circulating the news in one way or another, be it a patent issue or the latest issue with Kodak Theater in LA. The news media and blogosphere are there to report and comment on it.

Well, being a nice guy that I am (and being in downtown Rochester shooting violin maker), I decided to stop by the Kodak's headquarters and get some photos taken to release them for free under Creative Commons Attribution license on Flickr.

I know many bloggers and small publishers rely on free photos from Flickr, and other sources. In the past, I've released my photos of rallies and few other things on Flickr under the same license, and it seems to be heavily used by bloggers when they are writing about the issues.

So, there you are. Free photos of Kodak's building, just as long as you attribute the photos to me. That's all I'm asking for. The photos are 72 ppi for screen viewing, BUT if you need it for print all you have to do is email me and ask for 300 dpi high resolution version for a mere byline. I'm a nice guy.

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