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Whatever your current marketing challenges are, I can help you find a solution to reach your business goals. Your free consultation ($200 value) with me is an opportunity to gain more clarity, because clarity drives action.

I'm Here to Help YOU.

In 10 years, I've done thousands of free and paid consultations with small business owners, mid-level marketers, agencies, and c-suite executives. Giving them practical and actionable advice to improve their lead generation, inbound marketing, and marketing automation.

You're in good hands, there's no challenge I haven't heard or haven't solved yet.

In our 30 minutes together, we can discuss:

  • Building or re-building conversion optimized website
  • Not enough inbound leads from the website
  • Lead magnets (PDFs, tools, videos, etc.) not generating leads
  • Poor quality leads, leads not converting into customers
  • Marketing automation implementation and correct use
  • If you're trying to leave HubSpot, let's talk there's a better way
  • SEO issues, penalties, and mistakes
  • And other challenges you're facing right now

If you're not getting the results you want, talk to me. You got nothing to lose, only leads and sales to gain!

I guarantee you'll get practical, tailored advice you can implement today!


After working with huge marketing firms, nothing compares to Viktor’s one-on-one attention. I got off the phone feeling energized because I'd received clear, actionable advice that made sense. He did his homework prior to our call. Because of that, we could go a level deeper and look at the issues that were holding up progress.

Erin T.

Vestal, NY
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