Horse Blinders Got You Fired!

Horses with blinders

Society, including parents and everyone else, has an uncanny ability to impose limits on us that hinder us in the long run. They put horse blinders on us. We can’t question authority, we have to get a college education, we have to follow the rules, we can’t rebel, we have to get 9 to 5 job, don’t try you will fail, be afraid to fail, and thousands of other BS ideas we’re taught. You have to look straight ahead, that’s the norm.

Well, screw them! Conformity gets you fired, it gets you laid off, it makes you disposable.

You’re living in an era where 100% will get you fired. You have to go beyond ordinary; beyond average; beyond your horse blinders. Let’s take those blinders off, let’s see the world for what it is.

Our dreams are never directly in front of us, they’re always somewhere else hidden from our sight by the horse blinders. Dreams are elusive. You will never find them by trying to stare at them directly. You have to use your peripheral vision, but you can’t if you conform within those blinders.

Do you still have your horse blinders on?

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Viktor Nagornyy

Viktor Nagornyy

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