How to Create Conversion Optimized Contact Forms [INFOGRAPHIC]

In reality, you really need 2 things to generate leads online - a website and a contact form. Without getting into marketing automation mambo jambo, let's keep it simple this time.

The contact form is probably one of the most important elements in your lead generation toolkit, yet it is one of the most overlooked and undervalued assets.

Most businesses and marketers simply opt for a form that captures the entire life of their lead - figuratively speaking. But, your convenience of having more information offered to you on a silver platter by the lead should not outweigh lead's convenience.

When you optimize contact forms for conversion, you really throwing away fields that you can live without.

Neil Patel, at QuickSprout, put together very good infographic about optimizing your forms for conversions.

Action Step:

Review infographic to see what helped improve conversions for other businesses, then review your forms on your website. See what fields can be eliminated to help you improve your conversions. Remember, you can always ask for more information during a call. You don't need everything upfront.

If you participate in the action step and remove fields from your forms, please do comment  below and tell me what fields you decided to remove.

Optimize Contact Forms

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