Inbound Marketing Is a Complete Waste of Money When…

Burning Money

For the past few years consultants from all over the world have been pushing inbound marketing (online marketing) down business owners' and executives' throats, preaching the Gospel of Google as written in the Sacred Scrolls of Valuable Content. And rightfully so, it's effective. BUT, many businesses completely waste money - not only on inbound marketing, but the consultant recommending it too.

Here's a quick way to find out if you're wasting your money on inbound marketing, or any marketing for that matter.

Do You Have a Positive or Negative Reputation Online?

It's a simple question, but most businesses either don't know or don't care. BIG mistake!

A polished, shiny turd is still a TURD.

It's like getting a present for Christmas, it's wrapped in a creative and beautiful gift wrap with a bow on top (your marketing). You open it and what do you see? It's a turd.

Let's demystify the word turd:

  • Bad customer service
  • Broken, faulty or defective product
  • Bad service
  • Bad business culture
  • Employees don't care

Your online business reputation relies on positive reviews left by your customers. But if you're a turd, let's face it. You won't be getting any positive reviews and testimonials. Hopefully you won't piss off your customer to the point of them leaving a Ripoff Report, which is a business suicide as it NEVER goes away.


There are 2 ways of looking at online reputation:

  1. Online reviews (Google, Yelp, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  2. Online mentions (articles, blog posts, videos, reports, etc.)

For the most part, online reviews apply to businesses that have physical locations. Local businesses cover the bulk of this segment.

The second one, covers everything - including online businesses.

The Real Problem

The biggest problem many business owners make is focusing too much on attracting new customers, while completely neglecting their online reputation. Bad, bad idea.

Let me show you why it's a bad idea.

  • 70% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (source)
  • 50% of consumers say they will only deal with local businesses with positive reputation (source)

When your business smells and looks like a turd, it doesn't matter what marketing you do -  you will lose customers, sales and profits.

Managing online reputation is often overlooked by most marketing consultants and agencies. Negative reputation will drive customers away, even with great marketing campaigns. Why?

Because what's the first thing people do when they begin shopping for products and services? They begin looking at reviews and testimonials about various businesses, which helps them determine what business they will choose to do business with.

You better pray to the gods of the Internet that this is not what they will see when they Google your business name:

Yelp 1 Star Review

If you don't fix negative reviews like this, you'll never be able to grow your business and profits. It's like a python, with every bad review your business exhales the python tightens its grip suffocating you to death.

The same concept applies to negative articles and blog posts, you need to deal with them and work to remove them off of the 1st page of Google. Most consumers are lazy and will rarely look past 2nd or 3rd search results page.

Don't get me wrong, if there's a real problem with your customer service and products that warrant negative reviews you have to fix these problems, otherwise negative reviews will keep showing up. But the key is, you need to know what's been said about your business online to know what needs fixing.

The Results

Once you fix your online reputation all marketing you do, including inbound marketing, will return higher ROI because customers will not be turned off by your 1 star reviews. They will see positive 4 and 5 star reviews and decide to do business with you, instead of your competitor who's still ignorant about online reputation.

Please, stop wasting your money on marketing and invest some of that budget into your online reputation. I guarantee it will payoff more than any marketing you'll ever do.

12 thoughts on “Inbound Marketing Is a Complete Waste of Money When…”

  1. Avatar for mike w

    Liked the article… though I thought more then once..”Turd? Sounds like a 3rd grader is writing this.” Really…. an adult concept can do without childish terms.

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Thanks for your comment Mike. Appreciate the feedback. Everyone has their own writing style, I try to keep everything as simple as possible with simple metaphors to communicate concepts to readers who might be brand new to online marketing and, sometimes, Internet.

  2. Avatar for Kameel Vohra

    Gotta agree that the use of “turd” might be less than awesome for what’s otherwise a great blog post. I absolutely concur that product delivery is important, and that your marketing plan should absolutely include review management. Any review, good or bad needs to be handled appropriately.

  3. Avatar for Barbara

    Maybe we should be talking about turd reputation? Or polished turds versus unpolished turds?

    I remember the instant when I came to that infamous point in your post and my inner reaction was sh*t – why would anyone use that word in a business blog?

    But I’m forgiving, especially given your great contributions! Keep up the good work – I heading out to buy a polishing rag – maybe cloth is more sophisticated?

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Thanks for your comment Barbara. Language is language, as long as you communicate point across that’s all it matters 🙂 I stand behind my turd reference.

      1. Avatar for Todd

        Absolutely, a great point here. The secret sauce, as it word, is having a good reputation. All of the great tools and marketing can’t help a bad reputation.

        I thought “turd” was quite clever and snickered. 😀

  4. Avatar for Mederose Mente
    Mederose Mente

    as with anything, you need to do things right in order to attract
    customers. If you’re known for providing crappy service, then there is
    no point in marketing you wares. Fix your problems first. Then you can
    do all the Inbound Marketing you want.

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