First day back and I feel great.

I wanted to share some thoughts on Lufthansa while they're fresh. I made a right choice when I picked them to fly me to Ukraine. They were comfortable and I didn't even notice 8 hours pass by.

It might be due to the plane being an Airbus, where I noticed a huge difference in comfort compared to Boeing. The seats are way, waaaay more comfortable than Boeing seats. Also, it might be a difference going from one company to another, but each seat had a a screen to enjoy watching latest movies. I flew twice to Ukraine before via Aerosvit, which is Ukrainian. Service was great, but the flight experience was absolutely horrible. They had central TVs and lame movies on. You had no choice. It was terrifyingly boring.

I had 9 hours on the flight from Munich to Washington, DC, so I caught up on 2 months worth of new releases. It was great. I would've went to Blockbuster and spent $20 on those movies, but thanks to Lufthansa I did it for free.

It killed time instantly.

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