I've been pretty busy for the past 2 weeks, not only with school work and Reporter magazine, but also with AAI convention that is coming up this weekend in Montreal.

I'm happy this will be over soon as it has taken a good chunk of my time. But this will also serve as a mini vacation, get away from Rochester and enjoy Montreal a bit. Though I won't get to go out and enjoy the city.

On the other hand, the Oktoberfest was great. I've shot there for two weekends and have a lot of images to go through. I didn't have a chance to do so yet, but it is on my to-do list. I think you will quiet enjoy that work, I tried to shoot primarily with 14mm lens. I actually enjoyed being so up close and personal. It turns out that it's not a death sentence, people don't mind being photographed while you invade their personal space.

It was quiet intimidating at first to invade someone's personal space just to photograph them, especially with 14mm lens. But once I began doing it I began enjoying it. People didn't mind, even joked around and posed. If anyone is afraid to photograph people up close, don't be. Just go ahead and try it. But remember, there are "not very nice people" out there who might not like it and yell at you. However, they are very small minority, the benefits and joy you'll get from photographing people close outweighs the risk of being yelled at. It's too small to even calculate it.

Shifting thought trains to new tracks, I've began working on my photo essay/narrative project. It's going to be about Christine, an elementary school teacher in downtown Rochester. I've spent all morning yesterday at the school with her and the class. The kids are fun, I'm not sure how she does it every day. It would drive me crazy after a week, but this is something I will have to find out as I move forward with my project. I will be there three times a week until the end of the quarter when the project is due.

It was fun hanging out with them. They wanted to take pictures with my camera, so I held it while they looked through and hit shutter button. They were happy, it was fun. I can't wait to see what they've actually shot.

On the last note, I got a wedding I will photograph on October 16th. Someone I managed to find a secular wedding, which is pretty cool as I wasn't too happy about being inside a church. This will be outside at a state park, sounds pretty nice.

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