Is Your Marketing As Good As Your Product?

Get more customers and keep the ones you have with a marketing experience they'll love as much as your product.

Viktor Nagornyy

Viktor was excellent in helping me understand better how to lay out a content strategy that will work. We are planning on throwing more effort into our content, and Viktor helped us focus that.

Dave Nevogt -

Viktor Nagornyy has been an invaluable resource for my start-up SaaS company. Viktor’s broad marketing expertise allowed me to use him as a one stop shop for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing automation, lead generation and capture, and email campaign strategy. Viktor’s work has generated a conservative ROI of at least 50 times the money we invested in his services. Needless to say, we are very happy, and will continue using him for upcoming projects.

David Dodge - Codakid

Received some great insight from Viktor and a clear path to understand our customers better, which in turn will lead to better responding marketing efforts and sales. Was like a sledge hammer to the head some of the areas within our business we were not doing with our marketing efforts. I can now approach our marketing efforts with a laser focus campaigns now. Lots to implement now just from this call alone.

Nick Dunin

Excellent knowledge on the most important elements of generating sales leads and new revenue from your website. Viktor keeps it simple and can take you on a deep dive into the most popular leadgen software, including WordPress, MailChimp, Gravity Forms, Analytics and platforms like HubSpot. Money well spent and I'll be utilizing Viktor again as an important resource during the growth of our agency.

Gregg Murray -

Excellent advice. I took in a ton of great insights about local SEO, lead generation, handling clients, and overall effective inbound strategies. Stop reading this, and go ahead and give Viktor a call.

Jamie Eilerman - Digital Marketing Consultant

Speaking with Viktor, it was quickly obvious that he has good depth and breadth of knowledge regarding the needs of businesses and business people as well as the tools & methods to use to create solutions. He also seems genuinely interested in being helpful vs. just selling something or services.

Pete Popcke -

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