The Secret Identity of Blogger’s Block

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Do you really know why you get stuck blogging from time to time? Many people refer to it as blogger's block, you don't know what to write about. Hence, you begin to post on your blog less frequently, and then you just stop. It's frequent occurrence and a good way to filter those who REALLY want to blog and those who think "if they can blog, i can blog."

I think it's BS. There's no such thing as "I don't know what to blog about." Look around you, you're living in the information age. The keyword is information. It's everywhere, there's plenty of it. So it's a lousy excuse, it doesn't hold up.

You read news online (or somewhere else), you watch TV, movies, videos, you read blogs, leave comments, read tweets, play games, walk outside, drive, see things happen, and the list goes on. And it's all in one day. So how can you say you don't know what to write about?

Hell, Google your blog topic and write about the first result that pops up. It's not hard, you just have to think. Information about your blog topic is everywhere, write about it. Stop over thinking it.

Secret Identity Revealed

Yes, I was a bit harsh in the above statement, but you're in luck Mr. Nice guy is back. Not knowing what to write about is not the reason why people stop blogging. There has to be an underlying problem that shuts down the creative part of your brain after you begin blogging.

In my experience, for many people it's fear. There, the blogger's block has been exposed, it's fear. Any way you look it, fear finds a way to impede your progress in any tasks you undertake, including blogging.

I'm Not Afraid of Blogging

You're right, fear of blogging is not the fear that causes blogger's block. This fear, or even fears, is one of the most common fears we face on a daily basis. It's different for everyone.

What you need to do is look at what's going on in your life and try to pinpoint your fear. I know it's there. We're humans, we have fears. Take a closer look at your life and you'll see what causes trouble.

Recently, I had to deal with one of y fears (that I thought I didn't have) that hindered my photography. I admitted I had a problem, and now I'm working on resolving it. Once you fix the underlying problem, you won't have any issues blogging. There will always be something to blog about, no walls to your creative side.

Identifying Fear

Here's a quick list I've seen others have, including me. Try to see what you're facing right now and which fear might be hindering your blogging

Fear of

  • rejection (lack of comments, visits in the beginning might do that to you)
  • success (some people are afraid of success, I had those problems before)
  • failure (pretty much everyone is afraid to fail and ties in with rejection)
  • criticism (performance anxiety is a good term for this)
  • change (yes, a lot of people afraid of change blogs might bring)
  • commitment (blogging requires commitment, people don't realize it until they begin blogging)
  • unemployment (maybe you're afraid your employer might not like your blog)
  • publicity (it ties in with success, some people want privacy)
  • list goes on

These are some of the most common fears that you might be dealing with. It might be a bouquet of fears. I'll be the first one to admit that I dealt with all of these fears one way or another, not only blogging but any block: photography, blogging, relationships, you name it. I'm first to admit I had them, and still have some of them. But I'm working on fixing them.

The Road to Recovery

Dealing with fear
Once you know what you fear you can find a way to deal with it.

I'm not a shrink, but exercising some common sense goes a long way. Once you know what your fear (or fears) is you can figure out a way to begin working on it and taking it out of your life's equation. That's one variable you don't need.

Figure out the best way to approach your fear. There are plenty of books and resources online that will help you guide through dealing with your fear. Once you accept it, you will feel lighter - a weight off your shoulders has fallen.

I'm still dealing with some fears, but I've accepted them and feel that I'm a new person. It has given me strength to do what I love, photography and writing, without futile block's.

If you don't figure out what you're afraid of, blocks will keep showing up and you will suffer from it in the long run. Uproot the problem from the source, that's the only way to do it. Here's some wisdom from Mark Twain on fear to close:

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.

Are you suffering from blogger's block? What is your fear? Tweet me.

4 thoughts on “The Secret Identity of Blogger’s Block”

  1. Avatar for Infomum

    Fear of failure is a big one for me. If I start then can’t find any worthwhile words I will have failed, so I don’t start in the first place. The problem with that is I fail anyway – by not starting.

    Another one is fear of being swallowed up by the enormity of the task. You start, then decide you need to research a bit more, ant that leads to something else. Before you know it the whole thing has swallowed you and you have to struggle to fight your way out from under a pile of research and actually commit real words to paper (or screen) … or maybe that’s just me 🙂

    I find the first one easier to fix. Particularly in my fiction writing, but also for blogs I just start writing something .. anything, even if it is simply “Ia m sitting here typing this rubbish because I cant think of anything else” By the time I get to the end of that I have thought of lots.

    Another technique I use is to look for list posts on other blogs, then pick one item off the list and expand it into a full blown post of it’s own.

  2. Avatar for Pete Carr

    I’m not sure it is fear. Maybe an over estimation of what you are capable of. I see people come into blogging, or a told by the so called “Guru’s” get a blog and just post to it. No thought or planning going into it.
    When choosing your blog topic you need to make sure you have a passion for it and endless content.
    Proper planning and goals. Your fear then should be eradicated, as it will be replaced with confidence and the burning desire to succeed.

    1. Avatar for Viktor Nagornyy

      Hey Pete,
      I think fear still plays a part in your scenario. Fear of commitment, they realize that blogging is not just “post something and you will make money.” It takes time and commitment to become a successful blogger.

      Like I said, blogger’s block is a good way to filter those people who think it’s an easy way to make money and get buried with commitment.

      Thanks for your comment =)

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