Simplicity Sells

Attention span is almost nonexistent. We are ultra selective. Fear is always right around the corner. Everyday we are bombarded with generic nonsense, it never stops.

Hundreds of products to do this, hundreds of products to do that, thousands of service providers to help you with everything.

It's next to impossible to make a choice in this generic culture.

So how do you sell in the age of generic culture? You have to stand out, or be a linchpin as Seth Godin calls it.

Sometimes the best way to stand out is not to have an all-in-one product or service, but to go back to the basics and simplicity. Think Basecamp from 37signals.

Simplicity and elegance always work. Being simple is not bad. Being simple works. Being simple sells. Look at Apple products, simple design... It sells.

Is your product simple? Is your service simple? What's stopping you from making it simple?

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