Trust Agents Book Giveaway

Yes, I'm giving a way a free copy of Trust Agents. It's an amazing book. I've listened to an audio version several times and will keep listening.

The book is almost like an encyclopedia about online influence and trust building. I stumbled upon it by accident while browsing through Audible's collection on social media.

Reviews were good, so I took a plunge and I'm very happy I did. It offers invaluable information on how to navigate online world.

I highly recommend it not only for businesses but for improving your personal brand. It has a lot of valuable insights and practical advice.

So, what's the deal with the giveaway?!

Trust Agents

I wanted to do some sort of a giveaway for some time now. Well, after receiving my $36 in tax returns from the New York State, I knew I had to put them to a good use. Got a copy of it in the mail yesterday from Amazon. Pretty excited about doing this.

All I'm asking in return is that you stop by my Facebook page and like it. I don't bite and try to share some good content and information. I'm always available to answer questions and comments. The winner will be randomly chosen from the Facebook list. I wasn't sure when to do the drawing but then I realized that I do have a special date coming up next week. April 20th will be 6 month anniversary for Britney and I. So, why not do the giveaway then? This way everyone has a week to enter. Plenty of time.

To summarize: Like my Facebook page by April 20th, 2011 and you will get a chance to win a free copy of Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. The random drawing will be held on the 20th and the winner will be notified via Facebook message.

If you haven't read it, you really should. This book is not only for businesses, but for anyone using Internet.

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