Undesired [MULTIMEDIA]

"Undesired" is a multimedia piece about women in India. In India everyone expects for a pregnant woman to give birth to a son. Nobody wants to have a daughter in India. They see it almost as a curse as they have to pay a dowry when she's getting married to the groom's family.

It's a scary statistic that almost 7,000 unborn girls get aborted every day in India, because of her sex. It is illegal to have an abortion based on sex in India, but it is still done. Money takes care of that problem.

It's a horrible way of thinking. I'm a big fan of women, I love them. Can't live with them and can't live without them.

Nothing upsets me more than to see women and children get hurt, for one reason or another. It's just not the same seeing a women suffer, especially because of something as stupid as giving birth to a daughter (not that any kind of suffering is better).

Birth, be it a son or a daughter, should be a happy occasion for the entire family. You have a child, be happy.

This project hit a similar emotional note as the previous slideshow I talked about - Dying for Treatment, which is about pregnancy related deaths in Guinea Bissau.

Share it, so people can learn more about this issue in India. What do you think we, as a world community, can do to help prevent this? Tweet me.

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