What Is Your Mission?

Do you really know what your mission is? Be it a business mission or personal mission. It is very important to identify what exactly are you trying to accomplish. Without one, or with one that's too long and complicated, you won't have much of a direction.

You can't wander around, trying to do this or that. That takes up time, resources, and money. It doesn't offer a clear way to earn money, just to spend it. You need to know your destination to know what you have to do.

I attended a workshop in DC last week with Guy Kawasaki about social media and "enchanting" customers (people). One thing Guy mentioned was having a "short, sweet, and  swallowable" mission statement. So it made me think, what is my "short, sweet, and swallowable" mission statement is for Viktorix, my current online publishing business venture? I had a short description which was good at telling people what it is, but what was I trying to achieve? I wasn't really sure.

PlannerTech Event in NYC

I was invited to speak about Viktorix at PlannerTech event in NYC on June 9th. The event aims to connect technology and event planners. The organizers asked organizations presenting at the event to do a short video about ourselves. So it offered me an opportunity to dig deeper inside me and look underneath some rocks in my head to try to tell people what exactly was I trying to accomplish with Viktorix. I had to do it, otherwise I wouldn't be able to go any further with Viktorix.


After some soul searching and heavy contemplation, I realized that I created Viktorix to help event planners plan and execute successful events; but that wasn't it. I used a 360 degree approach to how I was trying to accomplish that. Events were not my primary goal, it was the event planners themselves. That's what I'm trying to do with Viktorix, make them successful.

To empower event planners to be successful

That's my goal, that's the reason I started Viktorix. Here's the video I did for the PlannerTech event.

Do you know what your mission is? Share in the comments section.

PS. This was my first ever video. It wasn't easy =D I would really like to do more of these, I think you would enjoy them.

PPS. I didn't mention anything about my personal mission. That's because I don't know what it is... YET. I'm working on it. So if you're in the same boat, let me know so we can work on our missions together. Thanks.

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  1. Avatar for Marcio Santos

    Hi Viktor, good stuff. I can definitely relate to the feeling.

    Btw I cant see the video.

    All the best.

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