What Will Come After Social Networking?

The question was asked on Quora. This is my answer.

Social networking is just a stepping stone as web became more popular. Cavemen gathered in groups and tried to communicate with each other, with time it evolved. There will be no "after" social networking. It will always be part of our lives, evolving and adapting to changing times and technology.

However, the next frontier is  social awareness.

Gone the time of "following" people and "friending" them on social networks. Everything will be connected through a smart filter that delivers information that you want and need. The web will be aware of one user as much as it will be aware of the entire population, and it will connect people based on their immediate needs and wants.

The increased and wide spread wireless capabilities will help social awareness be part of everything and everywhere, much more in sync with what we do than just an app on a smartphone.

Imagine talking on the phone with someone and tell them you're hungry and feel like eating Chinese. The first thing you grab, phone or computer and turn on has a list of Chinese restaurants with phone numbers and locations already available to you. Or you get in your car and your car's GPS system already has planned a route to your favorite Chinese restaurant on your way home from work.

Social awareness is not only about people being aware of people, but information being aware of information.

Hmm the time when real-time will be too slow.

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