When In Munich

I'm in Munich, Germany right now waiting on my connecting flight to Washington, DC; then to NYC. Should be there before midnight tonight.

Germans know what security means, they're definitely on top of it. In US when you have connecting flights you simply go from one terminal to another, done. Oh no, this is not that easy in Munich. I had to go through 2 security checkpoints. They were both almost identical, but the last one was a bit more thorough. I think that was what in US they do with special screening, when TSA employee touches you in all the right places. In Munich they rescanned my bags, swiped my camera equipment to check for explosive substances, and then checked me with metal detector wand.

Though the 2nd checkpoint is not for everyone, just for the "randomly" selected bunch of people the first one is what really matters.

All connecting flights get rescanned by German authorities, just to make sure. This is what security is all about. But if TSA decided to implement rescan for connecting flights I think all hell would break lose. People don't care about security, they care about their comfort level. If you place them out of their comfort level they will start complaining and whining about extra security.

People need to realize that security should not be sacrificed just so they can be comfortable. It needs to be strict, so we can feel comfortable not when flying but at home as well.

Got to run!

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