Why Your Business Will Never Reach 100k Followers on Twitter

Yes, you have 10k followers on Twitter. But for some reason it got a bit slow lately, maybe even few people unfollowed your account(s). And you don't know why, what you did wrong. Sometimes the obvious is right in front of you, but for some reason we don't see it. No matter how big and obnoxious it is, we are blind to the truth.

This happens a lot in social media, where people, brands, and businesses jump into social media bandwagon just to disappear into the social oblivion. It's like dumping a bucket of water, you don't want to end up with   dry bucket.

I'd like to share 5 tell-tale signs of hitting a dry social media bucket. Some, if not all, make me want to e-puke when I see them happen on Twitter, or as I call them - twailures. They are not in any particular order, they all equally suck.

1. #FF Tweets With Your Other Twitter Accounts

This is such a big thing for brands and businesses who have other Twitter accounts (location based, people based, or whatever-ever-makes-you-sleep-at-night based). Follow Friday tradition, aka #FF, is an awesome way to share some Twitter love with your followers, spotlight tweeps that your followers might want to follow too, recognize those that RT your tweets and content the most. Or simple, share love for the sake of sharing love; what's wrong with that?

2. 80/20 Is Not 20/80

In my social media endeavors, 80% of my efforts is about promoting others and 20% is left for myself. When it comes to my business accounts, it's more like 90/10%. We share content and promote content from all sources, even our "competitors," so to speak.   I believe that everyone has a unique voice, when it comes to content, and diversity breeds innovation. So yes, we will promote an article from a magazine that caters to the same audience as Viktorix does, because our article will never be an identical copy. It will have a different voice, different perspective. We go as far as curating content on the web through our Delicious account, so easy access and navigation, because we believe in what we do!

But, it seems like some folks follow 20/80% rule instead. Promote/share others 20% of the time and promote themselves 80% of the time. Boy do I get tired of seeing timelines with nothing but self-promotions. That just makes me want to unfollow you, even if you offer good promotions and discounts. I want some substance, you know. Can't live on empty tweets.

3. You're Not Creating Value

OK, let me be clear, you do not create value by offering promotions and/or discounts all the time. You actually devalue what you got. Unless your Twitter account is about sharing deals and discounts from many sources, you should have some original content that people can chew on with their mind. Feed their hungry minds with content, they will keep coming back.

Share a tip on Twitter for your followers, share a blog post that has a call to action somewhere in there. Stop feeding people air, it's not that filling. I'm a fat kid at heart when it comes to content, I'll share it and retweet it like there's no tomorrow. But it better be a hearty meal.

4. Auto DM

I have one word for this: STOP! It's annoying. I've used it and stopped after I began receiving them and saw how annoying they are. Just another shameless self-promotion channel, that I want to unfollow you for rather than like your page on Facebook.

5. Social Media Narcissist

Which part of "social" you don't understand? Social media is not a digital soapbox, it's a coffee table where you SOCIALize with other people. If you want to maintain monologue then there's a place for you in a mental institution, because talking to yourself is not a healthy thing to do. People are not listening, trust me. I'm one of those people.

Social media is like a seesaw, it takes two to ride it. Engage people, so you have friends to ride the seesaw with.

Do you disagree with me? Awesome, let's engage in a D-I-A-L-O-G-U-E.


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    Social media??? There is no real human interaction on social media, those who think so are just kidding themselves.

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