WordPress: A FREE Alternative to Hubspot [GUIDE]

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Lead generation is key to any business. With online tools it became quiet easy to generate leads and help them move down the sales pipeline to the ultimate sale.

Hubspot is one of the best marketing automation platforms out there, but with the title comes the price. The basic monthly plan is around $200. That's something not many startups and small businesses can handle in this economy. But they need leads to survive, they need them to feed their pipeline and produce customers.

Well, not all is lost. With proper setup any business can turn WordPress into a lead generating machine. The WordPress ecosystem of plugins and themes provide necessary tools to create an amazing alternative to Hubspot. As much as I love Hubspot, even smaller guys deserve something affordable.

This is why I've decided to write a guide to help nudge folks into the right direction in setting up WordPress as a lead generating machine. No downloads and no signups. Just click the link and go read it, you won't be disappointed. It offers the foundation necessary to get you started.

Read  WordPress: An Alternative to Hubspot now >>

Go now, read the guide and see if you can start generating leads with WordPress.

Revised guide coming August 2019.

10 thoughts on “WordPress: A FREE Alternative to Hubspot [GUIDE]”

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Hi Lois, thanks for the comment. Yes, I’ve been working with clients for over a year now doing this and then finally wrote this guide as an intro to marketing automation with WordPress 🙂

  1. Avatar for Debbie

    Hi there. I publish electronic brochures and magazines. I have been working on a method of using WordPress for lead generation – and because it is so easy – I have been looking at Hubspot and others – in case I missed something – you just clarified everything for me – thanks

  2. Avatar for JM Bonthous

    Very good article, Viktor, and very useful. Way too many people pay too much for marketing automation, often without knowing it. Thank you for helping change this

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Glad you found it useful, I will update the guide with some new information once I finish Nimble integration with WordPress.

  3. Avatar for Nathan Wan

    Thanks for the article Viktor, I am using wordpress as well instead of Hubspot because I thought it was a bit overpriced for what was offered (not to mention the 1 year lock in contract and additional fees per contact). You engineered it a lot better than I did though as a hubspot replacement , I was just using it with SEO, social integration and analytic plugins ( I didn’t even think about the landing pages using wordpress) , props on the good work !

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Thanks for commenting Nathan. Glad you found this guide useful. Whatever you can think of, you can do it in WordPress one way or another. I’ll be updating guide soon with more information and tools. If you haven’t do subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be notified.

      Also, did a quick look at your website. Here’s 2 quick tips to improve it:

      1. your logo is too big and takes up precious “above the fold” space that everyone sees on your homepage once it loads.
      2. your menu below the logo, i would recommend simplifying it and keeping it on one line (so it doesnt break it 2 rows) and simply using dropdown menus.


  4. Avatar for Erik Hooijer

    Hi Viktor, if you’re still using HubSpot, you might consider an upgrade of this article and guide. HubSpot has improved much since you wrote about it.

    1. Avatar for Viktor

      Thanks Erik. Yes, I know. The basics of the guide to offer alternatives to features still hold up. I do plan on next version, much more detailed based on the last year of working with many clients leaving Hubspot.

  5. Avatar for Terri Paddock

    Hi Viktor – have you published the 2014? I can’t see where that is, if so. Thanks for the information.

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