Your Brand Is Dead! Unless…

It has a personality.

Brand Personality

Brand identity is lifeless. I don’t want to identify you, I want to deal with you, let you be part of my life, be my friend, let you help me make decisions. I need you to have a personality, that’s what matters the most. That’s life, that’s unique, and that is what people respond to.

Brand personality is an excellent way to consolidate personal brand and business brand terms while eliminating “brand identity” (graphic designers can use it to talk about your logo, period).

It is the personality that matters; what really DRIVES your business and you! It’s like driving two cars with one wheel, and this is the sole item your competition can never duplicate. Personality. They can try, but they WILL fail. They don’t know what it’s like to be you.

Corporate Hypocrisy

Yes, a corporation is a person in legal terms. They get the same benefits as a real human. But when it comes to their brand, they are so far away from being “human” that even Frankenstein would not be able to give them life. Some are getting better at it, but in general, they all suck at being human.

If you want to “be human” be human! Have a personality. Have a voice. Don’t be afraid to upset people. That’s what humans do. You CAN’T make everyone happy. Someone will always be upset, deal with it. If 100% of your customers are happy, then you’re either not pushing creativity and innovation forward or your feedback communication channel is broken.

Wrong Engine

Can a car engine make an airplane fly?

Here’s my pet peeve with brands these days. The brand is driven by the marketing/PR department with a pretty face to show off. Who makes the business decisions? Marketing/PR department? The pretty spokesperson? Or the CEO/owner? You get the point.

That’s why I love Richard Branson, his personality is the company’s brand personality. Also, President Obama is another great example. He’s been criticized for doing a lot of appearances on TV, but he’s doing what most leaders (business and political) don’t do: be the face that drives their organization (or country in this case).


We don’t like dealing with brands, we like to deal with people. A personal brand is a business brand, the business brand is a personal brand. They are synonyms, that’s all they are. A better, deeper, term is the brand personality. That’s what differentiates you from the rest of the white noise; on a personal level and business level. Personality definition does not change, it remains the same.

From now on, I won’t use personal and business brand terms; you should stop too. It’s the brand personality that fascinates people. You might disagree with me, but that’s the beauty of personalities. They’re all different! They all are entitled to their own opinion.

What is your brand personality?

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Viktor Nagornyy

Viktor Nagornyy

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